Don’t forget to ‘dead head’ your bulbs

Tete-a-Tete Growing in a Flower Bed

This was a bed of Tête-à-Tête.

But, as the flowers fade, it is worth just popping off their heads so any emerging varieties can show off their beauty.

Imagine this spectacular flower with dead looking flowers around the bed.

It would not be the same image at all.

Whilst talking bulbs, as they fade don’t forget we have to feed up the bulbs to give us a display next year.

Some people just work in something as simple as GrowmoreOpens in a new tab. around them and water it in.

I prefer a good high-potassium liquid feed such as TomeriteOpens in a new tab. applied liberally over the leaves once a week and the leaf will absorb it feeding back to the bulb.

Get out this week, dead head and feed.

Happy Gardening!

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