Getting Started with Raised Bed Gardening

Photograph of raised beds made with railway sleepers

We have a garden, but it’s just lawn and we fancy growing vegetables this year.

That must have been the words so any people have said during these strange times.

Well you could just dig up a section of the lawn, dig the turf in and slowly because generally most soils are a challenge add compost and start growing.  But, could there be an easier way.

Raised beds.

They may cost money but just find an area in the garden you want to grow vegetables with enough light and off you go.

It’s easy you can make them from scaffold boards.  These can be bought new or even split or damaged ones from a builder.

Use solid wooden pegs to corners and spaced evenly along the lengths, and there you have it.

Even better use sleepers new or second hand these can be placed on to a grassed  area just the same use coach bolts to screw together.

Job done or is it ?

Quality soil is worth paying extra for and mix this with homemade compost or buy soil improvers.  Don’t just use your garden soil as again it will take time to get to a good growing medium.

Off you go and grow your own!

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