It’s time to get those seeds planted

by Ken C | Last Updated: 14/04/2021

If you now want to grow vegetables the ground could still be too cold for some seeds to germinate, this cold weather does need to get a move on.

My old Dad used to tell stories of people down on the allotments ‘baring their bums’ and sitting on the soil.  If it was too uncomfortable, they wouldn’t sow!

Even if you think it maybe cold, you could sow some radish – which are a cheap.  If they germinate within about a week, off you go.

I’d have already put in my early potatoes and followed by the second earlies, why don’t we call them mid?

And towards the end of this month, the mains will have to be planted.

As those earlies emerge, have fleece available as frosts are still possible during this month.

But the soil is warming up, so I’m going to put in more peas as the others are romping away!

Well, if I’m being honest, they’re straggling  across the ground. I really should have used pea sticks.

Lettuce, carrot, parsnips, my favourite next winter vegetables that need planting.

And whilst we’re on the subject of vegetables, I might as well boast that my Garlic is well away.

Oh, and I nearly forget, sow some Parsley.  You never can have too much Parsley!

Happy gardening!

Ken Crowther is an award winning broadcaster, author and member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture. He has been gardening for over 50 years and his knowledge and experience are drawn on to provide advice and information about garden design, plants for all seasons, gardening techniques and gardening tips. Gardening with Ken's broad appeal means he reaches a wide audience across the UK from amateur gardeners to top level horticulturists.